Conditional Probability and Independence with Fathom

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The Common Core State Standards for high school include the following probability standards:

  • Conditional Probability and the Rules of Probability
  • Using Probability to Make Decisions

Fathom is a powerful simulation tool that can help these concepts come alive for your students. This session will demonstrate how Fathom can be used—along with physical simulation tools such as dice, coins, and counters—to help students understand conditional probability and the related concept of independence. Participants will also see how Fathom can help students understand the addition and multiplication rules of probability.


Corey Andreasen

Corey Andreasen teaches mathematics at North High School in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. He is a National Board Certified Teacher, co-editor of the Activities department of Mathematics Teacher, and associate editor of Wisconsin Teacher of Mathematics. He is also a consultant for Key Curriculum’s Fathom®Dynamic Data software. Corey holds a Bachelor’s degree in mathematics and a Master’s degree in mathematics education from the University of Minnesota.