Building Simulations in Fathom (Beginning)

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In this webinar you will learn how to set up a simulation in Fathom, which requires sampling from a population, defining measures of those samples, collecting many measures by having Fathom quickly draw repeated new samples, and summarizing the results. We’ll look at a variety of contexts that can be introduced with simple hands-on games or activities, and then modeled with Fathom simulations.


Andres Marti

Andres Marti was a public high school math teacher in the Bay Area for 13 years, most of them at Arroyo High School, a comprehensive high school in San Lorenzo, but also a year at Leadership High School, a charter school in San Francisco. During that time Andres focused on supporting all students to take and pass Algebra 1, and also taught computer programming and a Sketchpad-based course on geometry in art. Since 2004, Andres has been a development editor and now product manager at Key Curriculum, where he has worked on textbooks, software, technology curriculum, and professional development courses.