Fifty Fathoms

Fathom Demonstrations to Enhance Understanding

Grade 9–College
by Tim Erickson

Excellent for introducing or reviewing topics, these 50 demonstrations use Fathom® Dynamic Data software to clearly illustrate statistical concepts. Fathom allows students to easily visualize and explore ideas and methods. This approach makes statistical concepts more tangible, increases understanding, and helps students remember what they’ve learned.

You don’t need experience with Fathom to do these demonstrations. Everything you need for each demonstration is already set up in the Fathom document, and the book gives you step-by-step instructions.

With these demonstrations, your students will see dynamic visualizations that show:

  • What happens to measures of center as data values change
  • The squares that are part of least-squares linear regression
  • How adding uniform random variables corresponds to adding two dice
  • The confidence interval as a range of possible values
  • How the probability of rejecting the null hypothesis depends on the sample size
  • And much more

You can use the questions in each demonstration to prompt interesting discussions and challenge students who want to go deeper. Or individual students can work through the demonstrations, answering the questions and pursuing challenging questions that interest them.

Table of Contents (.pdf)
Sample Demonstration (.pdf)

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